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Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's a guy to do?

Here's a newsflash - I get busy sometimes! You too? Hopefully you'll understand.

It's been a bit since my last post, but I've faithfully visited and photographed the 'Bucks along the way. (I know, I know - it's a tough task, but someone has to drink all that coffee...)

Problem is, I'm so far behind, there's over 20 on my list to post! honor of the Cart races in Toronto and Edmonton, get ready for an IndyCar-like speed down the straightaway of Vancouver Starbucks!

Travelling Hastings just West of Willingdon, on the North side, you'll find this relaxing location. Always full of patrons, it's been here a while, and if you can find parking, well worth the visit.

This NEW location is part of the complex near the notorious Vancouver COSTCO. It's just west of Skeena on Grandview. Still smells new - almost as good as "new car" smell. Also a handy Canadian Tire in the complex if you need to shop!

The "Dueck's on Marine" always struck me as an odd place for a Starbucks. Well, at some point, Starbucks thought the same.

Even though the shop was still set up inside the showroom, and signage still in place, this letter was posted at the counter - basically saying Starbucks had "skipped" and wasn't upholding it's lease requirements.

An odd location - and now with a twist!

If you travel to the foot of Davie South of Pacific, there's a quaint and quiet area near the water, near the "Roundhouse". A local Coast Capital CU, a trendy grocery store, and of course, Starbucks. Parking will cost you a hefty fee, but the walk in the neighbourhood is worth it.

Speaking of Davie, here's the other end of the street, at Denman. A fun round building, with tons of sitting room inside.

Nearby is the Boathouse restaurant and patio, and some of the best views of the beach around.

On a recent bike trip, I took my mid-ride break at this location off Guildford Way, a block or so East of Falcon. The patio area is perfect for that sunny morning relaxation, and they didn't mind refilling my water bottle!

All the way to Whiterock, with another old favorite, on 152nd near 17th Avenue. This one seems stuck in a location few would choose today, as it's crammed into a small older mall with a theatre in it. Still, the inside is always busy, and it's opposite the main Whiterock mall, so traffic is good! I've met many a customer or foreman there over the years.

What gives with this location above the highway, at 108th & 160th Street? A brand new location, along a typical high-traffic commuter route, and NO DRIVETHROUGH?

Inside is beautiful, but it only serves those coming East on 108th, and turning out onto 160th is poor.... not one of my choices.

I had to run out of gas in order to visit this location! The story goes (and I'm sticking with it!) that I was visiting a customer nearby, and arrived early, so parked in the neighbouring
Home Depot lot to return some calls. When the time for my meeting arrived - the car wouldn't start! I ended up walking to meet the customer, and after providing an estimate, returned and called the BCAA-like Honda hotline. It took both a splash of gas and an jump-start to get my Civic going!

Fortunately, this location at Gilmore was close, and had a great espresso to help calm my nerves.

Finally, for this posting, is this location in Newton, Surrey, just East of the King George Highway near 74th. As is typical of the suburbs, lots of parking, and a nice layout with many tables. As I walked in - I met up with one of our foremen, Mark, enjoying a coffee and newspaper.

Joined him for a brief break, and then had to be on my way, coffee in hand. Speeding away... just like those this blog!

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