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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beauty found in Surrey

After years of Surrey jokes (which I won't repeat here), it's worth noting a couple of bright lights.

This location is on Scott at 72nd, part of another renovated mall (exterior facelift, awnings). You'll feel safe as you pull in and park, noticing the community police station is next door. Still, lock your doors. (sorry, but it still is Surrey.)

This location has a regular business flow - the majority of the lineup was regular customers. I've always been impressed with the staff's ability in many Starbucks to know the regular's names, and this was in strong evidence here. Kind of like "Cheers" for those who remember. I wasn't called by name, but my coffee was fresh & hot all the same.

If you're travelling 152nd near Guildford Mall, this location on the East side is worth a stop. The parking lot is tight, but the neighbouring restaraunt is now closed, so use that lot to park.

Surprisingly, the outdoor seating facing 152nd was not as noisy as I expected. The interior areas were full (often are), and I was hesitant to join the smoker crowd outside. Found a corner where the breeze was travelling the right way, and enjoyed the chance to get some "city fresh" air along with my double shot of espresso.

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