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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recent travels that explore the outer communities

I've been a'travelling. Maybe you'd like to as well. Here are four locations to tweak your interest.

This first gem of a location is found in the southern region - sunny Tsawwassen!

In the spirit of a ski chalet, the building has lots of character, and the people do too! You drive into the parking lot under an arched area, and (hopefully) park in the limited area behind. If need be, the no-stopping area at the door is a frequently used alternate.

Quaint & stylish, but ready for some new paint!

Richmond offers this insert in a strip mall, where after a cold morning of estimating, you can find friendly service, good hot coffee, and a clean bathroom!

And no, I've no idea who that is leaving Starbucks in the picture.

There's a wonderful "pit stop" in Queensborough, at the mall between the bridges. I've always found it interesting to watch the different vehicles that attend the nearby Tim's, and compare to those at the Starbucks. Both locations get the commuter crowds, as it's not really walk-able for the average person. Busy location, with the nice comfy warm chairs in the front.

Finally, we travel to the Eastern regions of Chilliwack, and the favorite location for parents attending the elementary school just off Promontory. This location is very new, and had the quiet small-town feel to it. Friendly, relaxing, and cozy. Just the way a coffee shop should be!
And to top it off - a mountain view and a sunny day. Happy travels!