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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A trip down Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Funny thing when you stop to count the number of locations on one major street. North Vancouver's Lonsdale Avenue, not really that long a street, ends up with four locations on it, and one just around the corner at Esplanade (see prior blog - March 8th).

From North to South:

They knocked down some old relics of shops, and built this with a chateau-like feel. It's always busy, and seems quieter and more restful than it should given it's location. Oh yes, it's at 27th & Lonsdale.

Ten blocks down, at 17th, is our second stop. Along the West side, it's got reasonable street parking off Lonsdale. The internet works well here for those of you using their wireless hookups.

This particular morning was bright and clear, and it seemed like the americano served satisfied more than usual. Worth the visit!

If I was walking, our third stop would be four blocks further at 13th. But alas, I was driving.

An evening visit brought me to the neighbouring hospital, and afterwards a quiet walk for a coffee. Just what's needed to provide rest at the end of a full day.

Interestingly, all the locations listed are on the West side of Lonsdale - now what's with that, I wonder?

This recently added location is at third, and provided me with their great (but rather pricey) juices, and a couple coffees - a coffee break for a crew and foreman working in a neighbouring building's courtyard.

Now, did I miss any along the way?

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