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Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's a guy to do - part two!

Let's continue along this track...

I love finding new locations, and here's on in the new Port Moody Newport Village area. Unless you're a fan of underground parking (signage is still poorly marked and incomplete), you'll prefer to walk to this location. And while you're there, visit the new Thrifty's next door - a favorite grocery store chain.

On the other side of the city, at West Broadway near Manitoba, is this hideaway. On the newer side as well, it had Sumatra on tap - and that'll get a "thumbs-up" rating any day!

Also on the west side, at about 8th & Stevens, is this unique location. I enjoyed the large windows and spacious feel of this corner shop. And the cell reception for making calls in the grass around the corner is just perfect.

I've always struggled to drive Kingsway in Burnaby. Just a long, slow drive with cars that don't seem sure of where they're going...

Along the way, down at the Edmonds end of Kingsway, is this first-floor location. Upstairs is a new Save-On-Foods, and across a drugstore, but underneath both is this jewel. Quiet and cool, with regulars enjoying the papers and conversation.

Another Save-On Foods brings us to this location in Westgate Mall. It's just East of the new Golden Ears bridge, and somewhat hidden, but has a great patio in a protected corner, for grabbing that ever-needed break!

While up on Johnson hill in Coquitlam (at the Westwood Plateau golf course, no less!) I found this location in a newer mall at Parkview. We were "working" at the 13th hole, and needed a place to get out of the sun. Nothing better than a double - espresso and a bathroom break!

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