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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Even to Squamish!

I took the opportunity to stop in this wonderful town, made all the more picturesque by the sunny weather and Sea to Sky highway drive! I've not determined how many Starbucks are in Squamish (maybe you know? any guesses?), but there are at least two along the highway to Whistler.

Found on the West side of the Sea to Sky, it makes a great early morning stop. The day I visited, it was filled with coffee drinkers. A couple of "working coffees," but for the most part casual, relaxed, and local patrons. I felt like I stood out, as the pace of conversation & activity was a fair bit slower than that of many Starbucks in Greater Vancouver.

If you are in South Vancouver, take your travels along Kerr Street headed south from 49th. On the East side of Kerr you'll find a great strip mall filled with shops worth visiting. At the edge of this mall is an old favorite, frequently visited when I attended Killarney Park Church just a couple blocks north. Still retaining the nostalgia of those years, it also has the "classic" look and expanded seating of older locations. A few casual chairs in the front corner, and even a private "hallway" of seating behind the condiment counter.

While you're there, visit the sushi to go shop in the same mall, and grab a great lunch. Or pick up the latest offering of fresh fruits at the market at the corner. Two of my recommended stores in this area - what are yours?

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