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Monday, May 18, 2009

Cambie to Chilliwack, and a cameo

Cambie's quaintness and shops are slowing reappearing, and with them a new Starbucks. Great views into the north shore across the bridge. I grabbed my favorite dark roast, and stretched my legs along the neighbouring blocks of shops. This location is built for taking your coffee along (limited seating, and no patio), but the adjacent businesses are worth at least window shopping!

Chilliwack hosts three Starbucks, and here's number two, nestled in the mall at Highway 1 and Vedder. A bit hidden by the VanCity bank on the opposite side, it's got plenty of parking (as most out of town malls do!) and the morning blend Pike Place was pleasantly served. Pike blend continues to be a poor representation of Starbucks to me. I expect Starbucks coffees to be more distinctive and unique, and this one struggles to be anything in particular. Nothing to dislike, just not great.

Finally, a visit to Granville Island. With what has to be the worst parking ever (3 spots crammed into a tiny lot), you quickly realize this location is for the non-car crowd. Walked there and enjoyed an Americano. New staff took a couple tries to get it right, but it was worth the wait.

For the sharp-eyed, there's a cameo appearance in this picture. Your guess on who it is?

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