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Sunday, March 8, 2009

How many cups of coffee was that?

There's no denying that the love of coffee runs deep. Some say my blood runs black with java. After the number of places I've visited lately, that may be true.

This great location is at the corner of Powell & Campbell - just where Powell splits into a one way, with Cordova coming the other way into a "V" at the intersection. A shiny silver haven on the edge of industrial and troubled neighbourhoods. Thanks to our paint foreman, John, for helping me find this jewel. Great tea, good coffee, and even a few seats open. Watch the traffic on the streets bordering - no one slows down!

A bit of travelling took me to Toronto, along the way to sunny Jamaica for a holiday. Looked, but couldn't find any Starbucks there (although the "Blue Mountain" coffee is a great option!) The T.O. airport offered this quiet place of sustenance. Frankly it was a surprise to see a 'Bucks in the land of Tim's. Had to fight the Tim Hortons inertia, and buy a tall dark in support.

I'll close with one of my favorite locations in North Vancouver, along the Esplanade. It's just West of Lonsdale, and seems to bring the quiet and tranquility of North Van inside to join the coffee. This place always has seats (don't miss the area at the back), and the service is pleasant. The servers here were the first to inform me of the changes in the regular coffee servings, with Pike Place roast now being the standard daily offering. I'll review it in the next post. Parking's a premium at this location, so look for street parking along Esplanade. The lot behind is pay parking, and well serviced by the ticketing agents. Pay heed or pay up!

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